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The WinImage SDK

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The WinImage SDK is a Win32 DLL, with headers for the C, Visual Basic and Delphi programming languages.
Using the WinImage SDK, you can create Win32 applications that read and write floppies, read and write floppy disk image files, extract files from image files, inject files into image files, and offe other Basic WinImage functionality.

The WinImage SDK is an additional product, based on WinImage technology.
The WinImage Developer Edition contains WinImage Professional and the WinImage SDK.

2020: You can also get new SDK 11.50 (by downloading, which support Virtual PC Vhd File and VMWare file (you can get VHD Microsoft specification of this format), and guid partition scheme.
File Name Description Contains The WinImage SDK 11.00 (x32 and x64 bits and arm64). Contains The WinImage SDK 10.00 (32 and 64 bits). Contains The WinImage SDK 8.50 (32 and 64 bits). Contains The WinImage SDK 8.10 (32 and 64 bits).

September 2004: SDK 7.00.7000 with callback support, new feature from WinImage 7.00.7000 and 64 bits binaries (for Windows 64 bits on Itanium and x64 for AMD64/Intel EM64T).

File Name Description Contains The WinImage SDK 7.00.0000 (32 bits x86 only). 243,061 bytes Contains The WinImage SDK 7.00.0000 (32 and 64 bits). 720,667 bytes

Version 7.0 add callback support (to replace all user interface interaction from the SDK by a callback with your own UI engine), Visual Basic .net (from Visual studio 2002/2003) header and contain engine of WinImage 7.0.

File Name Description
Contains The WinImage SDK 6.10 for Win32 Intel version.
152,225 bytes

Here is the SWReg purchase link.

There is also a Visual C++ sample with callback, which uses MFC.

You can also get old version of SDK (6.0 and 5.0).
If you wrote more sample, I can include them in the SDK distribution.

CompreXX from MimarSinan is distributed with an extension based on the WinImage SDK.

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